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Best Divorce Lawyer in Delhi [ Family Law Attorney ]

Divorce is a tough time, and having a good lawyer can make a big difference. If you’re looking for the best divorce lawyer in Delhi, you’ve come to the right place. At Sarthak Madhav Advocates, we understand how difficult this process can be, and we’re here to help you through it. This guide will help you know what to look for in a divorce lawyer and why Sarthak Madhav is the best choice in Delhi.

Why a Good Divorce Lawyer Matters

Divorce isn’t just about ending a marriage. It also involves dividing property, deciding on child custody, and maybe paying alimony. These issues require a good understanding of the law and a smart approach to solving problems. A good lawyer will protect your interests and make sure you get a fair deal.

Qualities of a Good Divorce Lawyer

When looking for a good divorce lawyer in Delhi, consider these qualities:

1. Experience and Specialization

  • Experience: A lawyer with lots of experience in divorce cases will be better at handling your case.
  • Specialization: Lawyers who focus on family law and divorce will know more about the specifics of these cases.

2. Reputation and Client Reviews

  • Reputation: Check the lawyer’s reputation in the legal community. Look for awards and peer reviews.
  • Client Reviews: Read reviews from past clients to see how the lawyer has handled similar cases.

3. Communication Skills

  • Clarity: Your lawyer should explain legal terms in simple language.
  • Responsiveness: They should respond to your questions quickly and keep you updated on your case.

4. Strategic Thinking

  • Problem-Solving: A good lawyer will create a plan that suits your specific needs.
  • Negotiation Skills: Good negotiation can help avoid long court battles and reach a settlement faster.

Why Choose Sarthak Madhav Advocates?

At Sarthak Madhav Advocates, we have all these qualities. Here’s why we are the best choice for a divorce lawyer in Delhi:

1. Extensive Experience

Our team has years of experience handling divorce cases. We know family law well and use this knowledge to help our clients.

2. Strong Reputation

We have a strong reputation for professionalism and dedication. Our client’s positive reviews show our commitment to their cases.

3. Client-Focused Approach

We put our clients first, keeping them informed throughout the process. Our clear communication helps reduce the stress of divorce.

4. Strategic Expertise

We are known for our smart problem-solving skills. We create personalized plans to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.

The Divorce Process in Delhi

Knowing what to expect can help you prepare for your divorce. Here’s a brief overview:

1. Filing the Petition

The process starts with one spouse filing a divorce petition. This document lists the reasons for the divorce and any other requests, like child custody or alimony.

2. Serving the Petition

The petition is given to the other spouse, who can then respond.

3. Negotiation and Mediation

If both sides agree, they can negotiate the terms of the divorce with their lawyers. Mediation can also help reach an agreement.

4. Court Proceedings

If no agreement is reached, the case goes to court. The judge will decide on any disputed issues.

5. Finalizing the Divorce

Once all issues are resolved, the judge issues a final divorce decree, officially ending the marriage.

Documents Needed for Divorce in Delhi

Having all the necessary documents ready can speed up the divorce process. Here’s a table of the essential documents you will need:

Marriage CertificateProof of marriage.
Address ProofDocuments showing the current addresses of both spouses.
PhotographsRecent passport-sized photos of both spouses.
Identity ProofAadhar card, Voter ID, Passport, or any government ID for both.
Income ProofSalary slips, Income Tax Returns, or other proof of income.
Proof of ResidenceDocuments showing residence during separation (if applicable).
Details of Property and AssetsDocuments related to joint or individual property and assets.
Child Birth CertificatesBirth certificates of children to establish age and parentage.
Evidence of Grounds for DivorceDocuments supporting the grounds for divorce (e.g., evidence of cruelty, adultery, desertion, etc.).
Bank StatementsBank statements showing financial transactions and assets.
Mutual Consent AgreementIn cases of mutual consent divorce, a signed agreement outlining agreed terms.

FAQs About Divorce in Delhi

1. What are the grounds for divorce in Delhi?

Common grounds include adultery, cruelty, desertion, conversion to another religion, mental disorder, and mutual consent.

2. How long does the divorce process take?

The time varies. Mutual consent divorces can take six months, while contested divorces may take years.

3. What is alimony, and how is it determined?

Alimony is financial support from one spouse to the other. It’s based on factors like marriage length, financial status, and needs of both parties.

4. How is child custody decided?

Custody is based on the child’s best interests, considering age, health, emotional ties with each parent, and the parent’s ability to provide.

5. Can divorce settlements be modified?

Yes, if there is a significant change in circumstances, like a change in income or relocation.


Choosing the right divorce lawyer is crucial for a fair and smooth divorce process. At Sarthak Madhav Advocates, we combine experience, expertise, and a client-focused approach to offer the best legal help in Delhi. If you are facing a divorce, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Visit our website Sarthak Madhav Advocates, for more information and to get in touch with our experienced divorce lawyers. Let us help you through this challenging time with confidence and peace of mind.

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